HR need not be a headache.

HR Help connects businesses and individuals with:

  • Answers to HR questions
  • Resume creation or re-design
  • Job interview preparation
  • Employer initiated termination of employment
  • Employee performance issues
  • Difficult conversations
  • Group health and dental benefits plan administration and interpretation
  • Job offers, hiring, and interviewing
  • Disability case management
  • Creating policies, guidelines and employee communications

About Us

HR Help is a Calgary consultancy business that aims to partner with leaders and business owners to provide them with support and advice. From job posting and interviews to difficult conversations, benefits plan interpretation, performance management to terminations, we partner with you to create solutions that support your people AND your business objectives.

Many businesses and organizations don’t need or want a full time HR department and wish to avoid the fees of an employment lawyer every time they have an HR question or need to make a decision that will impact their staff. HR Help is here to be your go-to resource for all of your HR questions and for the support you need as a business leader.

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How can I help?

Leona Moser, Chartered Professional in Human Resources

Email: leona@hr-help.ca

Phone: +1 (403) 554-9763

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/leonamoser

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