Can you help me with my Resume?

I sure can 😀
In fact, ‘resume make-overs’ are how I got started, unofficially, as an HR consultant a handful of years ago.

After many years of recruiting in a variety of industries, I’ve seen thousands of resumes and interacted with hundreds of candidates. I’ve also worked on both ends of applicant tracking software (that system to apply online and upload your resume) and have an insight in how these systems process your resume too. It’s easy to get someone to read a resume you email them directly, but how do you stand out when a computer screens your application? I have a few tricks that will help with this.

Being a recruiter is a tough job. Many people struggle to communicate clearly and effectively about what they want to acocmplish in their next role. Discovering a candidate articulates their ‘why’ and presents a clear message about what they want is a rarity.

By design, a resume is rooted in the past. While past experience and education are important in determining the basics of being qualified, there is a reason that the rear view mirror is smaller than the windshield…we’re not going in that direction. Your resume should include a statement describing what you want, where you’re headed, and the next position you want to fill. Please, on behalf of recruiters everywhere, no more: Objective: to gain employment at your esteemed company. <groan>

That being said, transforming your resume into a document that highlights the past (keywords are important!) and presents your skills, certifications and qualifications effectively can be a challenge. No one wants to read a five -page life story and for most experienced professionals a one-pager just won’t cut it.

The purpose of your resume document is simply to move you to the next step. That’s it.

Kind of like going through airport security, you need to accomplish a handful of important things quickly in order to move you into the next step of the recruiting process. You want a resume that leaves the reader intrigued and interested to meet you. You want the first set of eyes on your resume to be able to rapidly discern that you meet the basic qualifications for the role (this part is easy). Most importantly, you want them to see that you stand out personality wise for the interesting and intelligent human you are and tht you are someone they really want to work with. It’s a little like dating honestly 😉

Let me work with you and your current resume to create a beautifully formatted, unique document that showcases and articulates your skills, states your why, and gets you in front of the decision makers that will look forward to meeting you when they invite you in to interview for a new role.

New Resume and re-design packages start at $155 CAD. Contact me today to get started.

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